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Travis Sackett - Travis Sackett Coaching

Travis Sackett - Travis Sackett Coaching

Travis Sackett is resilience personified. Having overcome an abusive childhood, Travis went to college to study criminal justice, hoping to become an agent for change. While fulfilling this role, he was jaded by severe corruption in the system.

During this time, Travis sustained an injury while training, resulting in an opioid addiction that led him to a life of crime. Through the help of his canine companion, he pulled himself up and out of the mud and began living his life again.

Travis currently performs multiple roles within in the recovery community. He is recognized as a best-selling author for his memoir, My Life with Karma. He has also served as a CCAR certified recovery coach since February of 2022.
Additionally, Travis continues to publish articles for Recovery Today Magazine and helps others share their story of redemption.

Whether it be through his writing or one on one coaching services, Travis has helped thousands of people find an individualized pathway to recovery. 

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