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Rinah Rachel Galper - Joyoushout

Rinah Rachel Galper - Joyoushout

Rinah is the creator and sole proprietor of Joyoushout, supporting youth and adult change makers working at the intersection of justice, healing, creativity, and spirituality.

She is a Broad Spectrum Coach, Change Consultant, Educator, and Community Connector with over 20 years experience as an ordained clergy member, teacher, end of life doula, Reiki Master, group facilitator, writer, public speaker, officiant, nature guide, and change maker. Rinah's work is rooted in her own healing journey as a queer, neuro divergent woman in recovery from addiction and trauma.

She owes a great debt of gratitude to her mother Miriam Thompson of blessed memory- a leader in educational reform, labor organizing, civil rights, and worker education for over 50 years- and countless healers and mentors past and present.

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