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Denise Johnson - DCJ Coaching

Denise Johnson - DCJ Coaching

Denise Johnson is the founder of DCJ Coaching, LLC and DCJ Counseling, PLLC.  She is an advanced Certified Life Coach, Licensed Clinical Mental Health and Licensed Addictions Therapist.  She has spent much of her professional life working with women struggling with addiction, anxiety, trauma, grief, stress management, self-image & self-worth. Over the years, she has found herself drawn to empowering women in a new way which led to pursuing a certification as a Life Coach.

Denise considers herself lucky to have had the opportunity to live and travel overseas.  She believes that her exposure to a variety of cultures has enabled her to gain a unique perspective on how culture and experiences impact each of us in profound ways.  Denise believes that by helping women build healthier relationships with themselves, they are able to start finding ways to become in touch with what they truly need.

Her goal is to help you:

Find your purpose.

Know what you want.

Take responsibility.

Take action.

Empower others.

Visit Denise's website for more information:

DCJ Coaching


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